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Order Management

An efficient order management system is a must-have in the automobile industry to streamline how suppliers respond to client requests and coordinate orders. It must be feature-rich, user-friendly, and regularly updated with the most up-to-date data from customers. Customers may trust a flexible and efficient order management system because they know risk is avoided and the likelihood of late or mislabeled orders is greatly reduced. With a top quality order management system suppliers can respond quickly to customer requirements, meeting deadlines and fulfilling customer compliance demands.

Customer Management

Automotive customer management software is a tool that allows business owners to keep track of client information and contact with them as needed. It also generates data and aids in the handling of sales leads. With MAQ’s Automotive Customer Management software increase customer satisfaction by speeding up order processing. Our customer management software provides a complete breakdown of engagements and exchanges. You can view historical customer and car data, demographics of visitors, cost of ownership, and other information.

Vehicle Service Management

MAQ’s Vehicle Service Management software is a cloud-based solution to manage a shop’s list of car categories, as well as other crucial and related data for this project, such as the mechanic list and service requests list. Clients can look through the company’s or stores’ list of services. This is where the client can submit their service request. Job cards will be generated for each service and the managers can easily assign them to technicians. Work efficiency can be calculated using Assignment time and assignment completion.

User Management

With the help of our User Management software User roles can be created, and each user privilege can be customized to the role. Based on the modules that have been allocated, each user role will receive separate notifications. We allow you to map notifications to user roles in a variety of ways. Each user alerts and notifications are customizable as per the actions.

Inventory Management

When you’re running a busy shop, you may not have much time for administrative work, and taking inventory can feel like a chore. Fortunately, with the right inventory management software, you can get precise stock counts on any item at any time. Our inventory management software allows you to accurate stock of every parts, and allows for branch to branch stock transfer. The branchwise inventory management can be handled efficiently with a centralized solution. It also helps to track maintenance or service dates and warranties.

Employee Management

Employee Management software is a system that allows to enter, edit, and retrieve information about the employees. It not only lowers the risk of human error, but it also saves a significant amount of time. In an employee’s profile, it contains all of the relevant information. It could contain personal information, attendance, performance history, expenses, timesheets, relieving letters, holidays, ID proofs, etc. All of the necessary information is available at a moment’s notice thanks to the employee management system. . The management of reports and people analytics is the most significant function of the employee management software.


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