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We are a prominent blockchain development company in the UAE. We provide dependable and secure blockchain development services. Also, we are experts in customizing existing blockchain solutions with system tweaks, integrations, and implementations. Our specialists use their in-depth understanding of the technology and years of experience to provide solutions that match the highest industry standards. MAQ provides blockchain consulting services and delivers dependable blockchain systems that improve data and transaction traceability, security, and processing speed.

As a prominent blockchain development company, MAQ can assist you in launching a new blockchain solution or revamping old ones. Our blockchain development fosters corporate growth while transforming firms and building improved business models with custom cryptocurrencies, consensus algorithms, individual nodes, and architectures. We have you covered from blockchain consulting to the deployment tailored to your company’s needs. Our specialists will boost your company’s success with blockchain solutions, regardless of your needs and goals.

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Our Blockchain Solutions

we create unique Blockchain Applications and integrates them into current enterprise systems, allowing organisations to take advantage of a safe and secure environment for a variety of commercial transactions.

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

We create unique decentralised apps that are encrypted peer-to-peer apps with minimal downtime and no single point of failure. We assist companies across a wide range of industries in developing new business models based on smarter and more secure DApps built on top of blockchain technology.

Crypto Token Development

We provide custom cryptocurrency tokens to make your business’s processes more safe and transparent. The immutability and transparency of crypto tokens help a company establish market trust rapidly.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

We create highly scalable white-label cryptocurrency exchange Software for exchange operators, asset managers, token issuers, brokers & dealers, and custodians to manage cryptocurrency global trade and blockchain-based digital assets, all of which are safeguarded by a layered architecture.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are procedures for ensuring the integrity of multi-party agreements and enforcing defined responsibilities automatically. With smart contracts, we can assist you in facilitating complicated commercial and financial activities between counterparties without the need to centralise trust.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

For the finance & banking, supply chain, retail & e-commerce, healthcare, and gaming areas, we construct custom blockchain solutions from the ground up or by incorporating customised features & components into existing systems.

Wallet & Exchange Software

We create blockchain wallet and exchange Software solutions that includes features such as trading blockchain tokens and multiple cryptocurrencies, auto-generating private and public keys, and participation in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Security Token Offerings (STO), and Digital Security Offerings (DSO).


Contact Us through Phone, Email, Chat or Skype.

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