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MAQ is a leading AR VR services company in Dubai that assists startups and businesses in harnessing the raw potential of augmented and virtual reality to engage more customers and increase ROI. Our team specializes in AR/VR development and can deliver agile, user-centric, and quantifiable product development. We don’t just provide augmented and virtual reality experiences that thrill your target user base with this technique, we also promote your fundamental business goals and help you stand out from the crowd. Being a leader in augmented reality development, we will help in bringing the viewer into a virtual environment with high-quality features that are closer to the real world.

Consumer expectations are steadily rising. They’re on the lookout for new and imaginative ways to interact with businesses and get the most of their money. As a prominent AR VR services provider, we create high-quality solutions that allow our clients’ customers to expand their reality across numerous sectors. As one of the prime virtual reality development companies, we help businesses provide a virtual environment that is similar to the physical world to their target audience in order to get better results in less time, money, and effort.

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Our AR/ VR Software Solutions

We are one of the certified augmented reality and Virtual reality development companies that combines experience and creativity to produce highly immersive applications for your brand. We excel as an AR/VR development business at creating unique AR/VR software for a number of industry applications.

Compatibility with Multiple Devices

We offer AR/VR development services for a variety of platforms, including tablets, smartphones, AR glasses, smart TVs, VR viewers, etc.

Face Recognition

We can create augmented and virtual reality apps with facial recognition technologies that automatically recognize and detect people’s faces in order to lock and unlock devices and applications.

Visual Recognition Solutions

Our team of AR and VR development experts is also well-versed in creating digital solutions that use images, videos, and other visual content as input and provide extremely engaging outcomes.

Locations Based AR Solutions

We provide excellent augmented reality app development services for navigation making use of geospatial mapping and geolocation with social data and pictures.

Gesture recognition

Using innovative 3D sensing technology, we provide human-body and hand gesture tracking solutions.

Data Visualization

3D visualizations in AR and VR reality are the perfect tool at the right moment to help decision-makers analyze and harvest insights from massive data sets, resulting in improved engagement rates and ROI.

AR/VR and IoT

We are one of the best AR/VR development companies, combining the power of AR/VR with the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a seamless experience across numerous connected devices.


Contact Us through Phone, Email, Chat or Skype.

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