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MAQ Computer Services LLC is a leading digital transformation agency in Dubai, UAE. Based on our years of IT domain experience and industry knowledge, we provide technologically innovative custom software solutions. We take pride in having teams of highly experienced developers knowledgeable in all of the modern technologies for software development.

MAQ has experience in developing innovative and impactful software solutions by tapping into the power of the digital world. We are well-versed in all of the most popular, up-to-date, and modern technologies. This allows us to provide cutting-edge software development solutions to all of our clients. Make use of our technological expertise to develop your own top-rated custom software solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate Artificial Intelligence into your most crucial business processes with us, the prime AI development company in the UAE, and avail our expertise in AI software development & implementation strategies.
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With our in-depth understanding of the field of blockchain development, we can assist businesses of all sizes in acquiring secure and robust blockchain-based software solutions that match the highest industry standards.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

As an IoT development firm, we can create secure and robust IoT software solutions that improve business processes across several industries such as healthcare, automotive, telecom, media, entertainment, etc.

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Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

We offer RPA development services that can help you alter the business ecosystem, by combining RPA with cognitive technologies, ML, and AI. It allows for improved business performance and customer experience.

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AR/VR Solutions

MAQ, as a well-established AR VR development company, creates high-quality solutions that allow your clients across numerous sectors to expand their reality and allow them to interact with simulated environments.

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